Monday, July 12, 2010

c a k e ~ main rd

I am very very excited by a new cafe - c a k e - that has opened in Main Road, Ballarat - it's a happy little outing for gus and I in this cold old wintry weather. Its right next door to the Main Bar, just up from Joyce's Junkatique and a HUGE antique shop I always waste time away looking through... Main Road has definitely turned into a fun little shopping strip, with great 1900s shop fronts - it has a really nice feel to it. There is also an interesting looking gallery that I haven't had a chance to look through yet, must be really recently opened as well. Anyway, back to c a k e - it has a gorgeous kids play area with a white picket fence (to try to keep them in!) and fake grass, as well as lots of toys to play with. Jen runs the cafe - and it has a really nice family feel to it. Her Mum is there helping her out as its just recently opened, and when Craig popped in her dad was washing the windows! Lovely. The best part of the cafe? - the cupcakes. Absolutely amazing! Too hard to pick a favourite. They have bubby ones for the kids (or if you want to be good - or have several types!), jasper coffee, a huge T2 selection (love it!) and now Jen is using our three varieties of african red (orange infused, cinnamon spiced and african red). I've copied these photos from the c a k e facebook page. The set up has such a great feel to it, as you can see from these pics. There is also lots of cute little crafty things for sale. c a k e is open tues - sat. They also do weddings and parties. Yum!!!!!
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