Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One year...

Well it's been almost a year since we moved from Brunswick to Ballarat. In that year we have had a gorgeous baby boy Angus James, moved three times - and are settled now in our beautiful 1900s home in Soldiers Hill, where we have been living for the last two months.

Last week I headed to Melbourne for an appointment and had a lovely few hours wandering around the city. Friends and family are what I miss most about moving an hour ish away from Melbourne - but I also miss being able to wander around different places in the city so easily.... Ballarat doesn't quite cut it in that sense.... On this day I checked out Haigh's (love the chocolate - and the story behind the their chocolate process - they are one of very few chocolate companies that begin their chocolate making process with the cocoa bean), a solo lunch at the nudel bar, drinks with jess at journal before walking across fake grass at the platform at Southern Cross Station (yep, fake grass:).

Saying all this, I do miss Melbourne and love visiting - but one day a fortnight or so is enough for me. I love our new family home, being around the corner from my family, slightly closer to my sister and cute little nephew Will, new friends and their babies, and the slower paced city. I love that I am discovering new great cafes and shops in the ballarat area, and day trips to surrounding towns. This is definitely my home again :)

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