Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gluten Shmooten!

Did you know that our drinking chocolate is gluten free? I have several friends that are coeliac's, and finding foods that are appropriate for them can often be difficult.

We are so excited to see a gluten free website writing a review about our products! We were lucky enough to be Gluten shmooten's 100th post on their 1st birthday! This is a website that they say was 'born as a result of many long and frustrating hours googling “gluten free restaurant melbourne” when trying to organise a breakfast, lunch or dinner with one of my closest friends who is coeliac'. This site reviews products and restuarants/ cafes that are gluten free.

Check out our lovely review on the gluten shmooten website here

*These photo's are taken from the gluten shmooten website.
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