Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodies on the Campos Coffee Online Store

Campos Coffee are distributors of grounded pleasures drinking chocolate, and they have just recently added our african red and orange drinking chocolates to their online store. Stocking a great range of coffee, equipment and of course our drinking chocolate, its worth checking it out. Of course, if you are in NSW or Queensland you could just pop into one of their cafes, and pick up a great cup of coffee while you are there. Craig visited the Campos crew in newtown a couple of months ago, and we are looking to head up there again before the end of the year. We love visiting Sydney, although our next trip might be a little different with a Gus to entertain! He took his first little step yesterday, we are very proud! Although, he seems a little unsure and unsteady so it might be a few weeks before we see any walking action.

We have taken the campos pics from here, a lovely little review on campos' newtown cafe

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