Sunday, September 5, 2010

rain rain, go away...............

Gus on the swing before the rain started

Craig pruning the rose bush for the continuing renovations 
View over Ballarat on Saturday afternoon - we are very glad to be living on a hill!

Moments of sunshine today...

Enough of a break in the weather for Craig and Lester to start the vegie garden
and it's looking great! :)
We had some wild weather in Ballarat over the weekend, and were very glad to be living on top of a hill. The residents of surrounding towns such as Creswick and Clunes were not so lucky. To think we've all been wishing for rain around here for a long time, not quite this much in one go though, thank you very much! Before the rain set in on friday night, Craig and Mark got a lot of work done out the back, and we can start to see how it is going to turn out which is very exciting. I'll post some pics soon.... a trip to Melbourne was cancelled on saturday due to the wet weather, so we headed over to some friends for a yummy slow cooked lamb dinner, which was lovely. The rain finally started to let up on sunday, so Craig and Lester managed to get the vegie garden started. A busy week ahead for us, renovating and visiting new cafes. Let's hope this rain eases up, especially for the already flooded towns around us.
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