Monday, January 31, 2011

hot hot hot!

Well after a such a wet and cold winter, here in Ballarat we've finally been hit with a couple of really hot days. We spent the day in Melbourne yesterday catching up with friends and family, and having a yummy brunch in the courtyard at penny royal - kept cool under the shade and gus had lots of toys to play with.

Back at home craig and gus have been looking after the vegie garden after being away in tassie for a week. The sunflowers are loving the sun and we are hoping to finally have corn in the next couple of days... finally! :) To keep cool, gus has been playing in our inflatable pool in the backyard and we have been drinking lots of iced chocs and coffee! yum!

sunflowers - blown over by the recent storms....

gus eating peas and checking out the corn
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