Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year!

It has been a long time since we last posted! But things have been a little hectic for us. We had a wonderful day getting married in late december, with a very very yummy lunch at the commoner and celebratory drinks at cabinet bar. It was such an amazing day, and both the commoner and cabinet bar were fantastic. The lovely Sal and Ros made us gourmet cupcakes -  using our grounded pleasures drinking chocolate (very fitting for our wedding!!). More photos to follow soon!
Taking the leftover cupcakes home, they didn't last long - yum!!!

What else have we been getting up to? We have thrown a few dinner parties and a grounded pleasures christmas party in our chocolatorium, headed up to tahara for our lovely nephew Will's 1st birthday on new years eve, celebrated two friend's 30th's - one at riverland in the city, and one at the most amazing places we've eaten at in a long time, loam. We've also been eating yummy fresh vegies from our garden, which is going great guns with the recent rain. Phew, we have also been busy planning an upcoming trip to tassie, which we are very excited about.

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