Sunday, January 16, 2011

our wedding

Lovely friends of ours Kate and Nathan, of Tea and Jam, did such a wonderful job taking photos of our wedding day in late december. You can see photo's of our day on their new wedding blog. We had such an amazing day, thank you to all our wonderful friends and family for making it so fun! A little plug to those wonderful people who helped us out: tea and jam, pictures eat people (for Rach's beautiful invites!), projects for a rainy day  - sal made our wedding cupcakes with our drinking chocolate and also was a great babysitter for gus with lovely ros as well, blume (Chris is a brilliant florist in ballarat who also has a great cafe with our drinking chocolate), the commoner for the yummy lunch, and cabinet bar for a such a fun evening!! Phew... I think thats it! xx

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