Monday, February 28, 2011

Kapi Cafe - Warbuton, WA

A lovely friend, Ros is working/ doing  her phd in a remote Aboriginal community about 1600 km east of Perth, population of only approx. 400. We send some drinking chocolate her way every few months to use in the Kapi Cafe!

One of the programs Ros is organising is the Warburton Breakfast Minyma - Milyirrtjarra Kuurl Mirrka Palyalpayi Program. The program begun making breakfast for the school kids, and they even published a book about it. It has now evolved into a much bigger program than making breakfast, and the "breakfast" women are broadening their skills, and catering for events in the community.

If you have any material for sewing, wool, knitting needles, old magazines etc, it would be fantastic if you could donate them to the Warbuton Breakfast Minyma. Send them through to PMB 71, Warburton, via Alice Springs, NT 0871
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