Monday, March 21, 2011


It was so suprising to be reading a copy of Grazia, and find Matthew Evans as the food editor, let alone a mention of our drinking chocolate! We met Matthew at his stall at Salamanca Market, Hobart on our trip their earlier this year. We bought a copy of his book 'Real Food' as a present for friends that we were staying with at the time. Craig got chatting about our drinking chocolate and gave Matthew some to taste. We are thrilled with what he had to say about our product! :)

If you can't read the article through the image, Matthew Evans wrote....
 The real taste of hot chocolate
You've heard of single-origin coffee, the importance of terroir in wine and regionality in air-dried jarmon..Welcome to the world of elite chocolate, where the sourcing is as important as the processing. For drinking chocolate, little comes close to the bliss of a cup from Grounded Pleasures, a company that prides itself on flavour - and the wellbeing of its growers. Guilt-free goodness!
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