Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday we decided to avoid the dinner time rush of mamasita and head there for a leisurely lunch. We tried to get in a month or so ago, making the mistake of going for dinner on a saturday night. The wait was over an hour, we were told. Yesterday, we wandered straight up and had an amazing light lunch. Mamasita is in the 'paris end' of collins st, in the old recorded music salon shop.  Reviews rave about the authentic mexican food, and we had read so many great write ups in the last couple of months that we were dying to try the food. It definitely lived up to its expectations.

The best food for me was the quesadilla de huitlacoche - which was mexican truffle and mushrooms. Yum! We also had a quinoa salad, which was just amazing - it all was great. Everything is delightfully seasoned and spiced, with a touch of lime. Refreshing, filling and yummy. The entire menu is gluten free.

This photo is taken from this epicure review.
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